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Spinal Connection Rehab & Wellness Center, Dr. Lynn Labrousse, and her team has been working with patients for over 22 years.


  • Dr. Lynn gave my attorney great medical reports and notes.  My attorney said it was instrumental in me settling my car accident case with great compensation for my pain and suffering.
    Tom J.
  • I was struggling with low back pain and abdominal cramps every month during my cycle.  I had terrible headaches and nausea during that time too.  It was starting to interfere with my everyday activities.  After a few sessions with Dr. Lynn, I started to notice  an overall improvement.  My headaches have nearly disappeared and my cycles are not as painful.  I have been able to enjoy the gym again and I’m losing weight.  I am so excited and grateful!
    Kathy R.
  • Dr. Lynn has been my chiropractor for about a year.  I used to suffer from migraines at least twice a week before treating with Dr. Lynn.  Now I haven’t had a migraine in over three months. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lynn to anyone looking for pain relief.
    Maria T

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